AMT TDS Simplifies Your Project

06/24/2020 | Bulletin No. : AMTNE20007

AMT offers a Touch Screen Display Solution (TDS) that is an all-in-one product combining a LCD panel, AMT manufactured touch screen, PenMount touch screen controller, firmware, drivers, and bonding service.  A TDS is a convenient module for expediting new customer projects and the entire component can be obtained from AMT for maximum efficiency and flexibility in procurement, management, and design.


An AMT TDS consists of:

  1. LCD panel sized from 3.5” to 32”
  2. AMT resistive touch screen or PCAP touch screen
  3. PenMount touch controller or touch control board
  4. PenMount drivers and utilities
  5. Tape bonding or optical bonding

AMT TDS simplifies customer supply chains, reduces labor expenditure, and shortens lead times by bringing the procurement and lamination processes of two major components, LCD and touch screen, in-house.  AMT is able to achieve comprehensive quality control to ensure reliability, durability, and longevity in the final TDS product.  In addition, TDS is flexible since customers can select LCD panels from any major brand and AMT customizes touch screens to required dimensions and specifications.  TDS is readily available as an OEM component and available in small quantities.  Of course, customers who adopt TDS models enjoy the same individualized customer service available for all AMT products.

The LCDs used in TDS are either consigned by customers, purchased by AMT with features specified by customers, or chosen by AMT from mainstream LCD panel manufacturers.  In terms of touch screen and LCD panel lamination, customers can choose either tape bonding or full optical bonding as the preferred lamination method.

In addition, a TDS can be paired with value-added touch screen options including PhotoReal Décor Glass, low reflective and anti-UV design, and additional virtual keys.  A TDS can also take advantage of different types of touch screens such as an AMT Resistive Multi-Touch (RMT) screen.  In terms of PCAP panels, a built-in PenMount PCAP touch controller offers powerful simultaneously enabled features such as gloved touch, advanced noise immunity, water handling, and thick cover lenses while PenMount software is user-friendly and allows fast and easy parameter adjustment to better fit TDS modules to customer systems.

To learn more about powerful and convenient AMT TDS products, please contact our sales representatives.

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