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10/30/2020 | Bulletin No. : PMY20010

PenMount Projected Capacitive (PCAP) touch solutions have been deeply involved in the industrial applications for many years. We understand that the client’s products are diverse. Some products are for customized design, and some are for standard design. The end products pass through different sales channels to reach the end users. When end users experience abnormal touches, PenMount has a convenient, friendly, and reliable tool – PCIUtility, helping customers to clarify and resolve problems as quickly as possible.

PenMount PCIUtility has easy to use debugging tools and functions. For example, “Log Current Device Information” function generates log files through easy to follow on screen instructions. The small .csv log file can be easily emailed to the PenMount support team for analysis and recommendation. When the solution requires a firmware update, customers can also update the firmware through the PCIUtility with a few easy clicks. Here are two cases to share with you:

The first case is abnormal touches were detected due to noise interference during customer testing. Since our distributer was unsure of the PCAP firmware version, we recommended that the customer use the “Log Current Device Information” function in the PCIUtility and email back the generated log file. PenMount provided the customer with an optimized new version Firmware after analyzing the log file information. We understand errors can occur when there is a long line of communication from party to party while troubleshooting. This is an example of how PenMount is able smoothly solve problems for customers with the assistance of our PCIUtility.

The second case happened during a customer’s sample stage testing and verifying. The customer wanted to increase accuracy for the line drawing function. PenMount recommended that the customer adjust the touch controller parameters using the PCIUtility to achieve the best balance between anti-interference function and line drawing function in the client environment. The customer easily adjusted the touch controller parameter settings by themselves and saw real time results in the PCIUtility. The adjusted parameters were tested and verified for mass production without errors. The customer provided PenMount with the adjusted parameters through the “Log Current Device Information” file export. This export includes the internal parameter settings CRC code. Subsequent shipments of the touch controller have included these same parameter settings and CRC code preloaded.

The PenMount team continually releases innovative technology to provide customers with fast support and comprehensive solutions.  Our core value is allowing customers to reduce the product development cycle and time to market.  By providing user-friendly interfaces, we allow customers to successfully bring projects to market.

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