Features Of AMT Optical Bonding & Lucent Gel

05/27/2021 | Bulletin No. : AMTNE21005

Many companies request adopting optical bonding for their products these days. Optical bonding technology utilizes either liquid optically clear adhesive (LOCA) or solid optically clear adhesive (SOCA) to affix the touch screen to the LCD so that there is no air gap between the two layers. This approach can effectively reduce parallax while improving the durability and optical performance of the touch screen. AMT is dedicated to supplying customers with the most comprehensive touch solutions to simplify customer supply. AMT optical bonding technique combined with our unique Lucent Gel SOCA result in touch displays with satisfying quality and reliability. Our products meet a wide range of application requirements of industrial and medical touch displays. In this newsletter, we will share the features of AMT optical bonding integrated with Lucent Gel!

Weathering Resistance

Lucent Gel is silicon-based. Compared with acrylic-based LOCA, Lucent Gel has higher stability and stronger resistance to extreme temperatures and UV. This gel is suitable for high humidity and high-temperature environments: it can withstand a wide temperature range: -40°C to +80°C. There is rarely cracking, foaming and yellowing caused by UV and can pass ASTM G154 Cycle 1, 1,500 hours, and Q-Sun 1000 hours UV resistance tests.

Optimal Optical Performance

The light transmittance of Lucent Gel can reach 94%. Lucent Gel does not need to be cured after bonding, and it has a low expansion-shrink ratio and a significantly less mura effect. The thickness of Lucent Gel is uniform, and it can adhere closely to the surface. The material of Lucent Gel is soft and elastic, and it is not easy to have bubbles. AMT’s unique optical bonding process ensures a low probability of backlight bleeding around the edges of the LCD screen. AMT provides various thicknesses of Lucent Gel, including 0.5, 0.8, 1.0, 1.2, and 1.5mm, and can customize different thicknesses and sizes to match other LCDs. Currently, the size of AMT dry bonding touch screen and LCD can support up to 27″.

Superb Shock Absorption

Lucent Gel has excellent shock absorption, 1.5 stronger shock absorption than air bond. It meets the strict surface impact specifications and satisfies the demands for machine tools and outdoor applications. In addition, its high viscosity ensures that the bonding between the touch screen and the LCD can be maintained for a long time. These characteristics are critical in automotive, portable, ruggedized, or mission-critical systems.

AMT optical bonding is performed with high-quality control with a short lead time. Most importantly, AMT optical bonding can be ordered in small quantities. It is suitable for the small and diverse markets of industrial and medical fields. If you are considering Lucent Gel and AMT optical bonding, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

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