New PenMount Resistive Controllers Auto-detects 4- and 5- Wire Touch Panels

09/28/2020 | Bulletin No. : PMY20009

Since 1992, PenMount has continuously released 4-, 8-, and 5- wire resistive touch controllers.  Whether controller IC or control board, we can provide comprehensive pre and after-sales service.  PenMount has accumulated extensive experience and real projects in the resistive touch market and sees the irreplaceability of resistive touch products.  The operating principle of resistive touch products is based on pressure detecting finger movement.  Even if there is water on the touch surface, the user is gloved, or the system is in a noisy environment, resistive touch products will operate normally.  Thus, there are still customers who request resistive touch product features in order to satisfy resistive touch product applications currently in the market.

The following two projects are real-world examples where customers had requested features fulfilled by PenMount.  If you have other special requests, you are welcome to contact us and we will provide you with the best solution.


The first project required a resistive controller that could automatically detect whether the connected resistive touch panel was a 4- wire or 5- wire model.  The connection sequence marked on the resistive touch panel and the connection sequence marked on the touch control board must be verified by a technician before the calibration procedure can be performed for correct touch operation.  PenMount designed a new PM6203 control board.  This control board can automatically detect the connection sequence of a 4- wire resistive touch panel.  If the customer uses a 5- wire resistive touch panel, PenMount provides a utility, PM6011_D5W.exe, for detecting the correct connection sequence.  A technician is not needed to adjust hardware which increases the convenience of product assembly at the customer-end.


The second project requested accurate touch operation when the system cannot install a driver.  When using a USB interface, the touch cursor can operate when paired with the system’s internal HID driver.  However, the user must install the touch IC driver into their system.  This driver include PenMount’s 4/9/16/25 calibration algorithm.  Customers must perform the calibration procedure for accurate touch operation.  However, some systems (i.e. BIOS) cannot install this driver and cannot perform the calibration procedure.  In order to resolve this issue, PenMount developed a new PM6005 controller IC with a 5-point calibration algorithm built into the firmware.  Customers only need to execute the 5-point calibration one time on a Windows system in the manufacturing process, then switch to the BIOS system and use the BIOS USB HID driver to achieve accurate touch performance.

The PenMount team continually releases innovative technology to provide customers with fast support and comprehensive solutions.  Our core value is allowing customers to reduce the product development cycle and time to market.  By providing user-friendly interfaces, we allow customers to successfully bring projects to market.

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