Optical Bonding, SOCA, Lucent Gel is the Solution

10/23/2020 | Bulletin No. : AMTNE20011

AMT is dedicated to supplying customers with the most comprehensive touch solutions on the market.  We have released the AMT Touchscreen Display Solution (TDS) and AMT Open Frame Touch Screen Monitor product lines in order to simplify customer supply chains and provide a total solution.  AMT uses Lucent Gel to laminate the touch panel and LCD panel.  Lucent gel is a proprietary silicone based solid optically clear adhesive (SOCA).  Lucent Gel is also available as a stand-alone product with supplementary lamination equipment and technical support.


As a silicone based SOCA, Lucent gel has a number of advantages over acrylic based liquid adhesives.  Lucent Gel is a solid sheet pre-cured to an even thickness and can be pre-cut into shapes specified by customers.    Standard Lucent Gel thicknesses are available from 0.3mm to 1.2mm.  Customers can use 0.3mm and 0.5mm thickness Lucent Gel products for LCD panels with thin metal frame or small and medium size panels.  If the LCD panel has a thick metal frame or be a large size panel, standard Lucent Gel thicknesses of 0.8mm, 1.0mm, and 1.2mm can be used.  In addition, other thickness Lucent gel requirement is also available for different application usage.  We offer Lucent in a number of thicknesses up to 2mm for use.


Compared to acrylic adhesives, Lucent Gel is much more resistant to climate, and the cracking, bubbling, and yellowing caused by UV exposure, having passed ASTM G154 Cycle 1 UV exposure testing for 1,500 hours.  From internal testing, Acrylic adhesives tend to begin yellowing after approximately 200 hours of UV exposure.  Lucent Gel is silicon based SOCA, suited for high temperature and high humidity environments and a wide range of temperatures.  These properties make Lucent Gel the superior bonding material when employed in outdoor or mission critical systems.  Lucent Gel has the characteristics of no yellowing, bubbling, nor cracking in sunlight and is undaunted by freezing winter cold and sweltering summer heat.

Lucent Gel possesses exceptional light transmittance at 94% and exhibits excellent vibration and shock absorption qualities.  These characteristics are invaluable in automotive, portable, ruggedized, or mission critical systems.

Lucent Gel is a versatile, durable, and convenient adhesive. When we use this material for laminating the touch panel and LCD panel, your product will be able to meet the requirements for passing the essential certifications.  To find out more about this product, please contact our sales representatives.

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