PenMount Launches a New Generation K1 Series Projected Capacitive Touch Controllers

02/26/2021 | Bulletin No. : PMY21001

Touch applications have been used in various fields, such as ordering machines, ticketing systems, service query, and human-machine interface control. In outdoor environments, it is necessary to have eaves or shelters to avoid rain seeping into machines, although it is still unavoidable that water will drip on the surface of the touch panel. It is also possible that medical equipment and tablets encounter blood and saline water splashing on the touch panel surface. PenMount projected capacitive (PCAP) products have launched a new generation of K1 series controllers that can be used in these situations by providing single touch in water areas. When saline or blood drips on the surface of the touch panel, not only does the touch panel remain working, but also the single-finger tap function is still maintained.


For environments with water, additional adjustments are necessary according to the amount of water, the way that system is placed, and many other factors. For example, when the water flows to the frame and the frame is connected to the ground, the signal of water will look like a finger and false touches could be generated in this case. By turning off the edge signal or adopting a mechanism to prevent water from accumulating in the frame will help prevent the chance of a false touch. For the above mentioned use case, please contact your PenMount contact window for more information.

The PenMount PCIUtility V1.9 supports PenMount K1 series controller. PCIUtility retains the original user-friendly UI design and provides simple and easy-to-understand functions. The functions are as follows:

  1. Diagnostic: Dynamically detects the status of touch signals and display them in 3D module.
  2. Finger Sensitivity: Adjust the sensitivity of touch, useful when the user needs to operate with gloves.
  3. Finger Touch Points: Adjust the maximum number of finger touch.
  4. Tail Orientation: Adjust the direction of the touch operation to match the physical placement of touch panel. For example, if the tail of touch panel is facing upwards when mounted to the display, select “Top”.
  5. Edge Compensation: The outer frame of display could prevent the user’s finger from touching the edge of screen. You can adjust this parameter to push the cursor slightly outward when you touch the edge.
  6. Water Proof: Enable or disable water handling algorithm.
  7. Report Type: Switch the report type between multi-touch mode or mouse mode. When mouse mode is set, additional operation mode, such as Drag, Click on Touch, or Click on release can be selected.
  8. Features such as performing firmware update, parameters update, or draw tests.

Currently PenMount K1 series controllers provide USB and I²C interfaces and can work with the built-in HID drivers in Windows, Android, and Linux systems. If you need to develop your own device driver, we also provide related software development manuals.

PenMount PCAP products continue to innovate and improve the user experience. The various designs of PenMount’s touch hardware and software meet the needs of the market. If there is any individualized product specification requirement, we will fully assist in the development. If you want to know more about the PenMount PCAP K1 series controller and the latest version of PenMount PCIUtility, please feel free to contact us.

For the hardware and software information of PenMount series standard products, you can refer to the relevant product specifications. You are welcome to download all of PenMount’s standard product data and drivers directly from our website at: and

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