PenMount Releases PCAP Controller Firmware V6.3.0

04/29/2021 | Bulletin No. : PMY21002

PenMount will release new firmware V6.3.0 for the projected capacitive (PCAP) touch control board in May 2021, including: PM1710/ PM1711/ PM1715/ PM1415/ PM1410/ PM1310. The key points of this update are: The anti-noise ability of the PenMount PCAP controller is enhanced, the remote debugging service is upgraded, and the parameter setting for the newly five operating modes becomes even more accessible. These updates of PenMount PCAP controller firmware are introduced below.

Dynamic Anti-Noise Ability

PenMount has been known to excel in anti-noise control. PenMount PCAP touch controllers meet industrial-grade EMC standards (with excellent performance in conducted susceptibility, CS), and up to standards exceeding CS 10V. Nonetheless, we understand different noises are associated with individual environments and equipment. So every new version of PenMount firmware comes with strengthened anti-noise ability to keep up with the challenges.  Along with this new release, we have launched Double ADC Average anti-noise control function. Previous anti-noise parameters PenMount include: Enhanced Driving, Frequency Hopping Mode, and Spike Filter.

Remote Debugging Function Augmented

In general, noise signals require an oscilloscope to display and users couldn’t access the types of noise they are encountering. To tackle this problem, PenMount’s anti-noise design provides a versatile solution: users only need to execute or stop the anti-noise parameters mentioned above, and the touch operation would likely return to normal. Nonetheless, we understand that noise is constantly the main issue of PCAP touch products. If customers still run across noise interference after using the V6.3.0 firmware, we recommend executing Log Current Device Information to document the issue. PenMount could get more detailed information through the new log function and resolve the issue more effectively.

Switching Operation Mode Swiftly

With the introduction of new firmware versions, there are more different firmware parameters. In order to bypass complicated setting procedures, AMT invented a lucid setting system in PenMount PCIUtility V1.10.0 and PCIMSet V2.10.0, It is called: Quick Select. This function is compatible with V6.3.0 firmware for the best results. Quick Select has 5 modes, namely:

  1. Fast Drawing Mode
  2. Anti-Noise Mode
  3. Waterproof Mode
  4. Thick Glove Mode
  5. Frame Mode: For products with front bezel design.  It strengthens signal processing in edge areas for users. The API for this model will become public in the future, allowing users to develop more applications for their needs.

The PenMount team continues to incorporate innovative technologies to provide our customers with high quality support and provide complete solutions. Our core value is to shorten the product development cycle, and provide a practical operation interface to streamline our customers’ new products launch processes.

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