PenMount Releases PCAP Firmware V6.2.0 & PCIUtility V1.8

06/24/2020 | Bulletin No. : PMY20006

PenMount constantly observes market trends and listens to the needs of customers to improve our products.  We continue to make PenMount projected capacitive (PCAP) touch controller products easier to use and adjust to fit customer projects.  In June, PenMount released standard PenMount PCAP touch controller Firmware version 6.2.0 and PCIUtility version 1.8.

Firmware V6.2.0 runs an optimized algorithm that enhances the performance of PCAP touch screens sized 15” and larger while retaining standard PenMount noise immunity.

Firmware V6.2.0 introduces “Lite Frequency Hopping Mode”.  PenMount continues to improve the conducted susceptibility (CS) performance of its PCAP controller product line.  Currently, normal frequency hopping mode can overcome the challenge of a 15V noise environment.  In order to enhance smoothness of operation and line drawing for customers in low noise environments, Firmware V6.2.0 includes a Lite Frequency Hopping Mode.  This mode can be activated in PCIUtility V1.8, passes CS at 6V, and enhances overall PCAP performance.

Firmware V6.2.0 features a default fast line drawing mode.  A number of customers have given us feedback indicating that their new large panel applications must maintain the ability to fast tap and quickly draw lines.  Fast line drawing provides customers with the smooth user experience they require.

Firmware V6.2.0 supports USB-HID device type switching.  Some customers must use mouse mode firmware due to system requirements.  Firmware V6.2.0 parameterizes mouse mode and digitizer mode and customers can select the suitable USB-HID device type through PCIUtility V1.8 for more flexible operation on various systems.

Firmware V6.2.0 supports thick bezels.  Customers usually have few issues when using standard AMT true-flat PCAP touch screens.  However, when a PCAP touch screen with a thick bezel is used, drawn lines may not be able to reach the periphery of the touch screen.  In order to provide customers with the greatest flexibility, a thick bezel selection button has been added to PCIUtility V1.8.  Select this mode to adjust firmware bezel parameters and optimize touch operation when employing a thick bezel.

PenMount continues to innovate and improve the PCAP user experience.  For more details regarding the new versions of standard PCAP controller firmware or PCIUtility, please contact our sales representatives.

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