PenMount Supports Specialized Round Touch Screen Applications

05/29/2020 | Bulletin No. : PMY20005

Two pillars of PenMount’s core value are customer satisfaction and technical innovation.  The PenMount team is constantly refining our projected capacitive (PCAP) touch screen controller product line and developing new functionality to meet the needs of the PCAP touch market.  In order to ensure the success of customer projects, PenMount has conquered firmware and design challenges to allow standard PenMount PCAP controllers to support round PCAP touch screens.


Since PCAP operation relies on mutually paired Tx (transmit) channels and Rx (receive) channels to sense touch points, the most suitable touch screen shape for PCAP touch operation is rectangular and designing the structure of a non-rectangular shaped PCAP touch screen is challenging.  After several tests, PenMount has defined a PCAP touch screen design and firmware to solve the problem of signal smoothness inherent on round PCAP touch panels and achieving 5-point touch functionality.

In addition to enabling multi-touch capabilities, round PCAP touch screens retain standard PenMount PCAP touch controller features such as water handling and noise immunity.  In terms of water handling, traditional PCAP water handling utilizes self-capacitive measurement.  When there is a disparity between Tx channels and Rx channels, there will also be a discrepancy in the self-capacitive touch signal.  For round PCAP touch screens, PenMount employs a specially developed finger recognition technique to identify the difference between touch signals caused by water and a finger and avoid false touch points caused by water on the touch surface.

Round PCAP touch screens can also access the full range of noise handling mechanisms available on standard PenMount controller ICs such as passing IEC 61000-4-6 conducted susceptibility (CS) at 15V.  This means, PenMount touch controllers support round PCAP touch screens that are well suited for industrial and medical environments.

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