About PenMount


PenMount products are specialized resistive and projected capacitive (PCAP or PCI) touch controller solutions.  PenMount is committed to providing industrial computer and human machine interface (HMI) markets with highly reliable and differentiated controller products.

PenMount possesses a strong and pragmatic professional team with core members dedicated to providing comprehensive software, hardware, and firmware solutions.  Our team also focuses on resistive and PCAP technology and possesses powerful R & D capabilities and extensive integrated service experience.

PenMount has long focused on the industrial computer, medical, point of sale (POS) and HMI markets and “popularizing touch control applications and providing technology and service to our customers” is the company’s motivation.

PenMount product services will further concentrate on PCAP touch controllers by strengthen water handling, gloved applications, and thick glass adjustment.  In addition, our products have already achieved the most important EMC Level III, medical, and E/e MARK standards in order to minimize the influence of environmental noise on PCAP function and to realize the most comprehensive touch solutions.

PenMount emphasizes customer interests and looks forward to working with touch panel manufacturers and system integrators to service customers and undertake projects.  In order to create win-win situations, we provide resistive and PCAP users with cost-effective touch controller solutions and assist them in strengthening touch panel functions and value. We look forward to moving towards the future together and fulfilling your needs is PenMount’s ongoing goal.