Latest Firmware Versions

PenMount continues to achieve breakthroughs in specifications and performance.  Regarding firmware updates for various models, you can reference the following list of latest PenMount firmware versions.

PenMount provides software to facilitate firmware update, “PMUpdate.exe.”  You can execute the update process to update to latest firmware version.

You can use the parameter adjustment tool, “PCIMSet” to confirm previously used firmware version.  Firmware update software can be used in the Microsoft Windows XP / Vista / 7/ 8/10 and Linux operating systems through a USD or RS-232 interface.

If you need to update firmware or the firmware update software, please contact us.  We will have complete firmware update software instructions in the PCAP manual.

PenMounts latest firmware versions according model as follows:

PenMount PCAP ControllerPenMount ICLatest Firmware version
PM1410P2-08 * 21410.6.1.0
PM1710P2-08 * 21710.6.1.0
PM1711P2-08 * 21711.6.1.0
PM2103 COFP2-062103.6.1.0
PM2203B COFP2-062203B.3.3.0
PM2204 COFP2-062204.6.0.1
PM2300 COFP2-062300.3.1.0
PM2351 COFP2-062351.6.0.1

Update date: 2020/2