Mission, Vision, and Corporate Social Responsibility

Salt is a specialized touch panel solution supplier with over 20 years of experience.  We are committed to providing products and services that satisfy the needs of customers and the market while being environmentally friendly to fulfill our corporate social responsibility.

  • Ongoing focus on providing customers with the best total touch solutions
  • Committed to a design philosophy emphasizing high quality and highly reliable products.
  • In terms of customers service, our goal is to provide the most flexible pre and after sales service.
  • Win-Win-Win Target: Customers win/partners win/Salt wins
  • Philosophy of fulfilling social responsibility and maintaining a sustainable environment

Salt upholds the benevolent business ideal of giving back to society what society has provided and we have long provided caring assistance to disadvantaged groups.  In addition to donations, Salt has also participated in other diverse charitable endeavors such as sponsoring and assisting the promotion of products associated with the disadvantaged.  We hope to incite positive energy through Salt’s corporate strength to bring help and care to the truly needy.